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24 Hour Covid is here to provide patients with the Gold Standard RT-PCR Covid-19 test without the long wait time for results.  Our team understands the importance of fast results, and we work around the clock to provide what you need.  We are committed to servicing our elderly and have formed a Rapid-Resonse Team that is on call 24/7 to perform onsite testing for Houston's assisted living facilities when an emergency arises.  We also provide onsite testing for employers.  Our commitment is to do our very best to insure that businesses stay in business and keep our economy functioning.  We service the entire continental United States on a moments notice.

We have quadrupled the staff's at our remote testing facilities to insure our clients do not spend hours in line waiting to be tested.  24 Hour Covid understands that time is precious and critical in a pandemic.


24 HOUR COVID is proud to announce our affiliation with the physicians and staff of Vytalus Medical Group.  Our affiliated physicians are available to our clients to offer a comprehensive solution by providing telemedicine consultations at all of our testing facilities.  These physicians are also available for a telemedicine consultation for all clients who test positive for Covid-19.

FAST REPORTING    24 Hour Covid delivers fast results through the use of our patient portal.  Why waste your time an money on the Rapid PCR test that is totally unreliable and reports such a high percentage of both false positives and false negatives.  We understand our clients do NOT want a inferior Rapid test, but want the Gold Standard RT-PCR Covid19 Test delivered rapidly.  

24 Hour Covid is a high complexity CLIA-accredited clinical laboratory that offers cutting-edge genetic testing.
We serve physicians and their patients by offering genetic tests and comprehensive reports that give physicians the tools they need to guide patient medical management. We specialize in the areas of Infectious Diseases Molecular Testing, Personalized Genetic Medicine, Inherited Genetic Disorders, Women’s Genetic Health and Urine Toxicology Testing.

Founded by Randall Butler, we strongly believe that the value of advanced genetic testing lies in actionable, relevant results reporting with medical management guidance, based upon publications by international pharmacogenetic expert groups, consortia, or regulatory bodies.


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